Editorial Mission

Fit Pregnancy and Baby is for Millennial women who are the same smart, stylish people they’ve always been—just with a bump! From gender reveals to #waterbroke, today’s moms are all in when it comes to new motherhood, and we help them savor it.
Fit Pregnancy and Baby has the inside line on how celebrities tackle pregnancy, the latest style trends, plus smart advice for keeping a newborn happy and healthy while staying happy and healthy yourself. Because while we’d never dispute that carrying and caring for a baby can get messy, it’s also The. Most. Fun. Thing. Ever.


With a circulation of 2 million and a total readership of 7 million, Fit Pregnancy and Baby is the leader by far in its category. With over 200,000 new subscription requests each month your message always reaches a fresh audience that is in market and ready to buy. Fit Pregnancy and Baby delivers expectant and new moms in all the right places, at just the right times—whether she is at home, inside OB/GYN and pediatrician offices, and at retail.

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