Editorial Mission

A source for inspiration & support. Diabetic Living inspires people to live well every day with diabetes. For over ten years, we’ve provided our community with hope, support and the tools to care for themselves–or their loved ones—through healthful eating, exercise and the management of medications.


She’s enthusiastic and positive about life. She values balance, takes responsibility for her health, and appreciates life’s simplest pleasures – food, family and fun. She stays on top of her health by incorporating daily/weekly routines that allows her to be more in control of her diabetes. She searches for and collects nutritious recipes that don’t compromise taste. Ever proactive and social, she likes to follow updates on diabetes and health care. She is trustworthy and optimistic, and her friends and family often seek her company and advice. Whether it’s health or life-related, she strives to live her life to the fullest, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and making the best with what she has. She’s the Diabetic Living reader and your best customer.

Source: 2014, GfK MRI Diabetic Living Subscriber Study