Editorial Mission

We know what you’re searching for. In a world of unlimited recipe choices, Allrecipes magazine sifts through and serves up the best from Allrecipes.com, the world’s largest online community of cooks.
Combining our digital insights and editorial expertise, we share recipes from the people, for your people—with ratings, reviews and motivation to make it your own. It’s guaranteed that when you cook what they cook, you’ll get your own 5-star reviews.

A Unique Offering

With the unmitigated virtue of being for home cooks by home cooks, Allrecipes magazine personalizes the reader experience. And unlike any other food publication, because its DNA comes from the powerful Allrecipes.com digital brand, Allrecipes magazines also has the distinct advantage of seamlessly bundling and offering special features and access to Allrecipes web and mobile products.

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June 2017 AAM Statements