Editorial Mission

Diabetic Living empowers people living with diabetes to make healthier choices, every day. We provide support, inspiration, and actionable advice. The result: our readers get more active, better understand their condition, and know how to manage their day-to-day care. Plus, we help people cook more and eat healthier, with recipes that are easy and accessible but most importantly delicious! Diabetes can be tough. That’s why Diabetic Living is there every step of the way, to help readers take charge so they can live their best lives.

Audience Profile

rate base 500,000
frequency 4 times
readership 6,633,000
median age 58 years
median household income $42,066
own home 58%
median home value $164,948
female/male ratio 68/32

Source: MRI Spring 2017, Publisher-Defined Prototype; December 2017 AAM Statements