Editorial Mission

Parents Latina understands the common threads that connect millennial Latina mamás: raising happy, healthy kids who are rooted in their family’s heritage. We cover the topics parents care most about, such as health, education, and nutrition, from a distinct Latino perspective. And because readers’ families are multilingual and multigenerational, we offer Spanish-language content that informs and empowers in our new Ser Padres section. We help readers relish every moment of mamí-hood with confidence, humor, and plenty of pride.

Audience Profile

rate base 850,000
frequency 6 times
readership 3,400,000
median age 35 years
median household income $49,245
own home 39%
median home value $203,728
female/male ratio 83/17

Source: MRI Fall 2016, Publisher-Defined Prototype; December 2017 AAM Statements