Reach, inspire and connect with millions of readers who respond and take action

Meredith Direct Media offers authoritative and trusted media products that reach the hearts and homes of over 110 million consumers. In distinct editorial voices, our expansive list of titles addresses the core categories of home, family and self, providing both support and inspiration. Our readers are your best prospects—proven direct shoppers who shop and spend more than the average female population—delivering a targeted opportunity for results that really count. We offer:

  • targeted environments that engage and support call-to-action messages
  • unrivaled access to proven shoppers who spent over $21 billion on direct purchases in the past year
  • increased efficiency through multi-title advertising programs

This online resource provides valuable information for building and executing a comprehensive media program, including our action-inspiring magazines, unique marketing opportunities, advertising schedules, research, industry news and important forms.

Contact us today so one of our direct media experts can define and design the best program for you to build awareness, generate leads and drive readers to purchase!


Source: MRI Spring 2017