Grow acquisition and revenue with direct marketing

With nearly 90% of purchase decisions made at home, your brand has an opportunity to reach up to 45 million targeted, ready-to-buy consumers who welcome our magazines into their home each month.

The Onsert Media Program is a unique opportunity for your brand to tap into an acquisition program that offers both testing opportunities and tremendous scale. This program is completely turnkey, response driven and the fraction of the cost of direct mail.

Your brand messaging would be polybagged with our trusted magazines and literally fall directly into the laps of our subscribers. Best of all, these high-impact onserts are bonus content with the implied endorsement of their favorite magazine brands.

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Onsert Innovation

Dotdash Meredith has a huge, desirable audience of subscribers who look to our brands for inspiration and education for purchase decisions. How do we advertise to these people? Onserts.

  • Polybagged and delivered directly into subscribers’ homes—where nearly 90% of purchase decisions are made.
  • Direct and primary customer impression via a high-attention touchpoint (100% open rate).
  • Onsert Media is 100% premium—finite each month and fraud-free.
  • No hidden fees—brands pay only for the impressions being made. No additional list rental or postage fees.
  • Implied endorsement of nationally trusted magazine titles & personalities.

For more information contact:

Tyler Hub, Executive Director,